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What the H-E-DOUBLE-L is a Spirit Song?

Simple: It's the song of your spirit. The End. Just kidding. When it came time to pick a name for my coaching business, I wanted it to reflect my own journey--not just the journey of divorcing a likely disordered and abusive person, but the bigger journey of life and where I find myself these days. Because the reality of life is that even the painful stuff--the abusive relationship, the divorce, the challenges of attempting to co-parent after the divorce--it's all part of the journey. If we are to tell our stories authentically, we can't pick and choose just the good parts (honestly, that would be a pretty boring story anyway).

Looking back on my life I can clearly identify many instances where my intuition, my own gut, was telling me "This isn't right" or "You shouldn't do this" (I'm talking big decisions that change the trajectory of your life), and I chose not to listen. Every single time, that voice had my best interest in mind. I didn't listen for a variety of reasons--none of which had anything to do with me, but more with how the decision would impact others, or what I felt like I was "supposed" to do at the time.

True freedom and real healing came when I finally realized the power that I have inside of me. To know that if I take the time to be still and listen, the answers will come. I know that the feelings and thoughts that I have come from the parts of me that know my truth and are here to protect me--my Spirit Song.

I was perusing a bookstore one day not too long ago and ran across an oracle deck called Divine Abundance. I was drawn to it initially because of the striking artwork on each of the cards, but fell in love with the messages of love and had to buy it.

As I sat at my desk this morning, the deck caught my eye and I realized I hadn't looked at it in a bit. So I picked it up and started to shuffle through the cards. Loss and Trust.

I love the message regarding loss: "Sometimes you learn true offering through loss. You make a passionate invitation for Love to take over..." Ahhh, yes. Loss is hard. In the context of a divorce, loss of the life you thought you signed up for, loss of the "happily ever after" or even the loss of the parental relationship you know your kids deserve, but will never get.

But then, trust comes along: "Allow me, Divine, to give You my deepest longings, trusting You to know exactly how to handle them." Everyone has their own Divine. Yours could be God, it could be the Universe, maybe Allah...or maybe--the Divine is really YOU.

Whatever your Divine is, whatever your loss encompasses at this point, if you can find some space to acknowledge and accept the loss as part of your journey, then trust yourself to move forward in love, you will have found your Spirit Song. <sun shines through the clouds>

I'm sure my Divine Abundance oracle deck will make more appearances here in this space. It's available on Amazon if you're interested in having one of your own. Cick Here.

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