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Arraignment Watch: My Predictions

So I'm sitting here like many Americans, I've got another browser window open with a live feed, waiting for the former POTUS to arrive and officially be charged of crimes. "It's unprecedented!" "It's a hoax!" "It's an attack on our democracy and rule of law!" Yes, it's unprecedented, but so was electing a career criminal known for being a shyster. It's definitely not a hoax--I mean, others have literally already been convicted in the same case for the same crime. And to not bring charges simply because this person held the highest elected position in our country--that would be an attack on our democracy and rule of law.

But I'm not here today to try to convince you that any of this right or should be happening (it is and it should). I thought it might be fun (?) to make some predictions about how this person will behave through the process. We're about to watch the world's most notable narcissist step into and use the courtroom as his stage, not unlike a disordered parent walking into family court to wreak havoc and "win" at all costs (the children). But in this case, it's our country that will suffer.

He's already using the indictment as a fundraising tool--I just heard he's raised $9M so far, so that's on point. That's the whole flying monkeys component--He's got a decent sized base of supporters that he can rile up and get to do his bidding. He's thrown out all kinds of dog-whistles and false accusations--everything from it's a hoax to that it's a political witch-hunt. Throw them (the flying monkeys) enough red meat and they'll run around regurgitating this garbage in his defense.

Remember when all of this first surfaced? The story went something like this from him: "I never did that. But if I did, I didn't pay her. But if I did pay her, it wasn't me and I didn't know anything about it and it definitely wasn't paid out of campaign donations. Oh, wait...yeah, I did do that--but it wasn't a crime because I'm the president." So there we have the proverbial throwing shit against the wall hoping something sticks. Classic narcissistic deflection and gaslighting.

I predict that as he leaves his golden castle in the sky to head over to the courthouse amongst a throng of reporters, he's feeling like a martyr--he'll raise his fist in the air the way he does, trying to convey that he's fighting for all of us--that he is us and that "they" are coming after us next. He still thinks he can talk his way out of this. He'll throw everyone he ever knew under the bus--they're all liars, cheaters, they did all of this and he was just a poor innocent victim in all of it.

I don't think he'll testify, because his lawyers have to know that it wouldn't be a good idea, but unless the judge issues a gag order, and he actually follows it (50/50 chance), there will soooo much verbal diarrhea. He will use this whole process as his stage--he loves it, because he still doesn't think he'll be held accountable for any of it. It's all a show for him.

Alright--as I'm typing this, he's left the tower and I'm watching the motorcade head over to the courthouse. He walked out and waved, and the news anchor said "gave his fist pump"...of course.

Here we go, folks...the circus has begun.

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