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Carie Bellanger
Certified High-Conflict Divorce Coach

I am a mother, an artist, a dreamer, and a believer that when we tune in to our own intuition, we have unlimited power to ride the waves of life and create the outcomes we desire. 

I have personal experience divorcing a high-conflict individual and know first-hand the challenges that this brings in the family court system and at home as we struggle to make sense of of the chaos. 

As a certified high-conflict divorce coach, I will be your partner and guide, helping you with strategies for co-parenting, communication, documentation, court processes, and the often overlooked but highly important, self-care. 

My goal is to be an additional tool in your toolbox and to help you achieve outcomes that are truly in the best interest and safety of both you and your children.

Areas covered include:

Team Building

Filling Your Toolbox

Understanding the Family Court System


Documentation, Communication


Goal Setting

Realistic Expectations



Contact me for more information or to book a 30-min. exploration session to determine if I would be a good fit for you.

Disclaimer: A divorce coach is not a lawyer or a professional therapist and cannot provide legal advice or therapeutic (counseling) services.


"Carie was enrolled in my High Conflict Divorce Coach Certification (May 2021) and has since become certified as a high-conflict divorce coach. Carie’s personal journey and experience, along with the course certification, give me confidence that she will be an amazing resource and advocate for those who find themselves in a high-conflict divorce or child-custody battle. It was an honor to have her in the program and I look forward to cheering her on in her coaching business." 


- Tina Swithin, CEO/Founder of the High Conflict Divorce Coach Certification Program

"Carie walked with me through the overwhelming process of facing contempt charges by my ex-spouse and a modification of custody in family court.  Carie truly went above and beyond in her care and understanding of post-separation abuse, the specific circumstances of my case, and in providing sound advice that would provide positive outcomes throughout the court process, while still upholding my personal integrity.

Carie helped me set appropriate boundaries, and then to uphold them in the face of manipulative and coercive behavior from my ex.  The time she took to hear my concerns and provide well-thought responses showed family court professionals involved in my case that I am the caring and reasonable party. 

Carie went out of her way to meet with me in-person the day before my hearing, and then drove 4-hours to attend and provide support during the hearing itself. 

The results?  Carie’s help has been worth every penny, saving me hours of legal fees and a potentially longer court process.  My ex dropped all charges of contempt and agreed to less visitation rights than he was already receiving.  A complete win.   I am so grateful."     

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